Customer support

Professional customer support is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction by making their journey through our system as easy as possible and also helps to maximise the speed and volume of customer transactions.

Our customer service units operate internationally, providing local-language support on a wide range of topics including account queries, complaints mitigation, as well as performance, quality and incident management.  Trained to address issues on each of these areas they are available around the clock via telephone and email and aim to respond as quickly as possible.

To appeal to as many customers as possible, we aim to provide a wide variety of payment methods so that customers can pay-in funds and make withdrawals quickly and easily.  We have existing contracts with a number of financial institutions and payment processors around the world supplying over 100 customer pay-in and withdrawal methods. Options include credit cards, online wallets, bank drafts, mobile payments and pre-paid cards. Funds can be withdrawn on request, and paid out through one or more of these methods using a variety of currencies.

At "the customer is king", because we know that the potential business penalty for not providing great service is very real and potentially very large – with one click customers can leave and go to a competitor.