Final Dividend 

On 11 March 2015 the Board of bwin.party announced that it was recommending a final dividend of 1.89 pence per ordinary share in respect of the year ended 31 December 2014.  Subject to shareholder approval at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 21 May 2015, this dividend will be paid by the Company in accordance with the timetable set out below. 

Shareholders and depositary interest holders may elect to receive the dividend payment in Euros by submitting currency elections to the Company’s registrar (Capita Asset Services) no later than 8 May 2015.  Currency election forms will be dispatched with bwin.party’s 2014 annual report and the form will be available on the Company’s website,www.bwinparty.com.  Depositary interest holders wishing to receive the dividend in Euros should submit a currency election via CREST.

The foreign exchange rate to be used for converting the Pounds Sterling final dividend payment into Euros will be the rate quoted by the Company at or about 11.00 a.m. (BST) on 12 May 2015.

Currency elections are enduring, so if registered shareholders or depositary interest holders have previously elected to receive bwin.party dividends in Euros, then there is no need for them to make a further election if they wish to continue receiving bwin.party dividends in Euros.



23 April 2015

Ex-dividend date

24 April 2015

Record date

8 May 2015

Deadline for receipt of currency election forms 

12 May 2015

Pounds Sterling/Euros foreign exchange rate struck for Euro dividend currency elections

21 May 2015

Annual General Meeting

27 May 2015

Final dividend paid