Our approach

Sustainability: embracing our responsibility for safe and secure digital entertainment.

The internet has redefined and reshaped how and when we learn, work, play, shop and communicate. Unlike other channels of communication, the internet is not just driven from the centre but also from the periphery where individuals rather than governments are determining its shape and direction.

The expansion of this global medium sans frontiers has been so rapid in the last few years that politicians, academics, businesses, consumers and many other stakeholders are running fast, perhaps struggling to keep pace. The adage that "what’s new today is out-of-date tomorrow" is the reality. Search engines and now social networks are changing how consumers choose to spend their time and money, causing significant shifts in the structure of modern-day economies.

The digital society in which we now live has empowered the individual to have even greater influence, whether as an innovator, player, user or just silent observer. Such power to influence places a tremendous responsibility on all those using the internet whether for business or entertainment. It is a responsibility that we at bwin.party not only recognise but embrace as a core element of our strategy.

As a new company our collective policies for sustainability and responsibility have yet to be formalised, but the historic approach taken by both bwin and PartyGaming will ensure that we continue to raise the standards of consumer protection and responsible eCommerce practices.

Safety is a fundamental customer need

The explosion in the volume and value of digital transactions over the past decade has been borne out of superior pricing models, convenience and especially the trust and confidence of consumers that their eCommerce will be safe and secure.

We have more millions of worldwide active customers who place their trust in our promise to provide them with entertainment and excitement in a secure gaming environment. Trust is a fundamental customer need and for us it is a pre-requisite for longterm success: this is why we don’t just pay lip service to the concept of responsibility, but seek to engrain it into everything that we do.

Responsible gaming through science-based player protection

For millions of consumers around the world, gaming is a source of great entertainment and fun. But, as with many other consumable products and services, for a small minority, gaming can cause problems and we are committed to doing our part to ensure that this is kept to a minimum. This means putting in place effective systems and controls to help customers to play within their limits and avoid a situation where gaming causes problems.

In addition to improving society’s awareness of problem gambling, as an industry we also need to gain a much better understanding of gambling behaviour, its pathology and routes that are most effective in helping those who are suffering. Only then can we create better policies to educate and protect individuals with regard to gambling-related problems.

We believe that measures for the protection of consumers must be established on a sound scientific basis, that is, on facts rather than on unsubstantiated opinions. In co-operation with the Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Affiliate, bwin was the first company to analyse actual online gaming behaviour, developing an early warning system to help detect potential problem gambling before it develops. As a member of the FTSE4Good Index PartyGaming has gained recognition and been commended by independent bodies for its Corporate and Social Responsibility.

Consumer protection online is an issue for all forms of eCommerce

Given this pedigree, as bwin.party we are determined to continue to uphold and promote the very highest standards and to develop our understanding of gaming behaviour. Together with our research partners and regulators, we shall strive to further enhance safety and security for consumers in the digital age.

Much of the data behind the research from our collaboration with the Division on Addiction, Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Affiliate; is already available to other academics and researchers through a public online data repository. We hope that the sharing of our knowledge will benefit other areas of eCommerce that face similar challenges.

bwin.party: sustainable returns through safe and secure digital entertainment

By commanding the trust and confidence of our customers, academics, regulators, existing and prospective business partners and many other stakeholders, our aim is to balance the delivery of sustainable returns for our shareholders with the delivery of safe and secure digital entertainment across a variety of channels for our customers. This is what we mean by Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility at bwin.party.